Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)

Dynamic Crisp Cake Tin


Prepare a delightful and delicious cake using our dynamic crisp cake tin.

*Note: To be used only with Ariston microwave ovens (MWA33B, MWA25B and MD554 IX A) with Dynamic Crisp function.

This crisp plate provides a fast and easy preparation of most common dishes. Due to its high edges, it is ideal for cakes and soufflés preparation.

Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)

Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)


Only for use with the specific Dynamic Crisp function on models MWA33B, MWA25B and MD554 IX A.

The Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small) must always be placed in the centre of the glass turntable and can be pre-heated when empty. Place the food directly on the Dynamic Crisp Plate.

310mm W x 310mm H x 29mm D

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Microwave Steamer Accessory


Our steamer allows you to prepare a healthy boiled foods in a convenient way.

To steam foods such as fish or vegetables, place these in the basket and pour drinking water (100 ml) into the bottom of the steamer to achieve the right amount of steam.

To boil foods such as pasta, rice or potatoes, place these directly on the bottom of the steamer (the basket is not required) and add an appropriate amount of drinking water for the amount you are cooking.

For best results, cover the steamer with the cover provided. Always place the steamer on the glass turntable and only use it with the appropriate cooking functions, or with microwave functions

Ariston – Premium Cooking Microwave

2 Year Warranty


  • 25L capacity
  • 1750W
  • Microwave & Grill: Different cook functions for versatile, time-saving cooking
  • Dual Crisp System: A dual wave emission system that ensures perfectly crisp results from top to bottom.
  • Chef menu: A range of 17 pre-set programmes to save time, serve perfect dishes and make cooking a completely intuitive experience
  • Electronic programmer with an end of cooking signal so you know when your cooking has ended
  • Auto Clean: Simply place a dish with water inside the microwave, the natural power of steam will loosen the food residues, making them ready to be wiped away.
  • Stylish black glass finish design
  • Microwave cooking demonstrations

Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 520 x 310 x 458

Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual
Microwave Cookbook

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