Built in Microwave Oven | MPP796IXAEX
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Microwave Steamer Accessory


Our steamer allows you to prepare a healthy boiled foods in a convenient way.

To steam foods such as fish or vegetables, place these in the basket and pour drinking water (100 ml) into the bottom of the steamer to achieve the right amount of steam.

To boil foods such as pasta, rice or potatoes, place these directly on the bottom of the steamer (the basket is not required) and add an appropriate amount of drinking water for the amount you are cooking.

For best results, cover the steamer with the cover provided. Always place the steamer on the glass turntable and only use it with the appropriate cooking functions, or with microwave functions

Built In Microwave – MP796 IXA EX

Ariston – Premium Cooking

5 Year Warranty


  • 40L capacity
  • 2800W
  • Automatic cool down, cools down your unit after each use
  • Features: Grill, Turbo Grill, Dynamic Air, Quick Heat
  • Special functions including: Dynamic Defrost, reheat, crisp, steam, rising, bread defrost
  • Electronic knobs with a touch control and digital display
  • 10 Power levels
  • 36cm Turnable diameter
  • Electronic timer with end cooking signal
  • Stylish stainless steel and black glass finish design

Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 595 x 455 x 560


Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual
Microwave Cookbook

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