Professional Grade Oven Care Spray

Professional Grade Oven Care Spray


1 x 500mL bottle of Professional Grade Oven Care: Removes grease and cleans your oven. Removes all greasy cooking residues while future deposits take longer to build, making cleaning your oven a breeze. To be used when the oven is cold

Professional Grade Pots & Pans Cleaner

Professional Grade Pots & Pans Cleaner


1 x 280g bottle of Neutral pH Professional Grade Pots & Pans Cleaner: For shiny pots and pans. Cleans, removes grease and polishes pots and pans. Also melts away those tough, caked-on food deposits.

Built In Oven – ML99 IX A

Ariston  – 90cm Built-in Oven

5 Year Warranty


  • 90L Gross oven capacity
  • 8 Cooking functions: Multilevel, Barbecue spit roast, Gratin, ECO Program, Grill, Pizza, Bread, Baking
  • Multilevel mode
  • Triple glazed glass door
  • Built-in Rotisserie
  • Fully Programmable Clock and Timer
  • Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz, Maximum power absorbed: 13.4A

Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 895 x 480 x 550 + 22

Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual

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