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Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)

Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)


Only for use with the specific Dynamic Crisp function on models MWA33B, MWA25B and MD554 IX A.

The Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small) must always be placed in the centre of the glass turntable and can be pre-heated when empty. Place the food directly on the Dynamic Crisp Plate.

310mm W x 310mm H x 29mm D

Dynamic Crisp Plate (Small)

Dynamic Crisp Cake Tin


Prepare a delightful and delicious cake using our dynamic crisp cake tin.

*Note: To be used only with Ariston microwave ovens (MWA33B, MWA25B and MD554 IX A) with Dynamic Crisp function.

This crisp plate provides a fast and easy preparation of most common dishes. Due to its high edges, it is ideal for cakes and soufflés preparation.

Built In Microwave & Grill – MD554 IX A

Ariston – Premium Cooking
Microwave & Grill

5 Year Warranty


  • 31L capacity
  • 2100W
  • Automatic cool down, cools down your unit after each use
  • Features: Microwave, grill
  • Special functions including: Dynamic Defrost, Dynamic crisp,
  • Electronic knobs with a touch control and digital display
  • Drop down door
  • 10 Power levels
  • 36cm Turnable diameter
  • Electronic timer with end cooking signal
  • Stylish stainless steel and black glass finish design

Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 595 x 385 x 494

Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual
Microwave Cookbook

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