Dishwasher Salt (12 x Boxes)

Dishwasher Salt (12 x Boxes)


Regenerating Salt. The Wpro regenerating salt for dishwashers ensures the perfect performance of the water softening device in your dishwasher. The regular use of salt ensures the correct water hardness protecting the machine and the dished from limescale deposits.

Instructions for use: Fill the specific container with a sufficient quantity of salt each time the salt refill light switches on or according to the manufacturers instructions.

Dishwasher Tablets (7 x Boxes)

Dishwasher Tablets (7 x Boxes)


Order contains 7 x boxes of dishwasher tablets. Each box contains 25 tablets, individually sized at 20 grams.

These 5 in 1 Action dishwasher tablets remove grease, sanitises, removes limescale, polishes and protects your glassware and dishes. This deep cleaning detergent provides the ideal cleaning product for your Ariston dishwasher.

Instructions for Use
Remove heavy food residue from dishes. Load the dishwasher following the manufacturer’s instructions. Take a tablet from the box and position it in the detergent tray and close the lid. Select the wash cycle and start the dishwasher. Do no prewash. One tablet is enough for any water hardness. Do not use tablet for hand washing.

DeoSpoon Dishwasher CleanerDeoSpoon Dishwasher Cleaner

DeoSpoon Dishwasher Cleaner


Eliminate stale smells and odours within your dishwasher with this DeoSpoon, available in lemon and orange flavour.

The dishwasher smells great after every wash thanks to your DeoSpoon: the non-toxic deodoriser with natural essences of lemon or orange.

Its spoon shape means that it can be easily positioned amongst the cutlery before a wash cycle. It will continue releasing its pleasant and fresh fragrance for up to 60 washes.

Dishwasher – LIE2C19 AUS

Ariston – 60cm Integrated Dishwasher



  • LED Display
  • 6 Wash Programs: Eco, Intensive, Everyday, Express 40′, Soak, Half Load
  • 14 Place Settings
  • Adjustable Top & Bottom Racking
  • Adjustable Top Basket
  • Concealed heating element
  • Fold down prongs
  • Noise level: 49dBa
  • Overflow safety device

Specification Sheet,
Installation Sheet 
Instruction Manual
3D Drawing